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Great Ocean Brewed on the Great Ocean Road …naturally

From its rugged coastline to the renowned 12-Apostles nearby, through to its wonderful village streets and perfect beach, Port Campbell is the ideal place to brew beer. It is relaxed, unhurried and surrounded in nature’s majesty. Every single Sow & Piglets beer, whether from a tap, a can or a uKeg, has been lovingly crafted by sourcing the best ingredients, the best gear and the best people and nursed in the best environment. It starts with the cool, fresh air coming off the antarctic to the south, and culminates at the end of the process with a consistent temperature via the unique
Sow & Piglets Cold-Chain Delivery that is temperature guaranteed, making it taste better …consistently.

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Year Round Beers

India Pale Ale

ABV 5.9% – IBU 50
This English IPA is a hoppy ale balanced beautifully between sweetness and bitterness. Three different hops provide its hoppiness …and your happiness.
Hops: Cascade, Chinook and Amarillo

Session IPA

ABV 3.5% – IBU 24
This Session SHIPA (Single Hopped IPA), showcases the true beauty of Amarillo hops. The typical tropical hop flavour is achieved by hopping at three different times – during the boil, after the whirlpool and dry in the fermenter. With its lower ABV of 3.5% it is a perfect Session beer.
Hops: Amarillo

Aussie Pale Ale

ABV 4.8% – IBU 25
The Aussie Pale Ale is brewed with the best ingredients Australia has to offer. Its golden colour stems from NSW malt, while the refreshing, smooth hoppiness can only be achieved with fresh Tasmanian hops.


ABV 4.8% – IBU 25
Our traditional German Pale Ale glows with a magnificent golden colour making each glass look like the Holy Grail. Starting with a light fruity flavour and ebbing to its low fermentation sweetness, it then seduces you into another mouthful with its smooth bitterness at the end.
Hops: Perle, Hallertau Mittelfrüh


ABV 4.8% – IBU 17
This Dunkel Munich is a dark German lager that pleases the taste buds with a roasted note. This lager is based on authentic Munich malt that results in a full-bodied beer without being heavy. Moderate bitterness finishes this beer nicely.


ABV 5.8% – IBU 25
This Amber Lager comes with a higher alcohol content true to the Märzen type. It has a unique sweet caramel flavour combined with a bready aroma from its specific malt bill, which makes it highly drinkable. Now you can have your own Oktoberfest every day.
Hops: Perle, Hallertau Mittelfrüh

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Seasonal Beers

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ABV 4.8% – IBU 13
A traditional Bavarian beer in which a significant proportion of malted barley is replaced with malted wheat. It is top-fermented and a specialised strain of yeast used to produce overtones of banana and cloves as a by-product of fermentation. A perfect beer for a hot summer day.


ABV 5.9% – IBU 30
This New English India Pale Ale is very hoppy and its luscious taste a symphony produced by a special yeast strain and fine, selected hops. The tropical touch is from adding hops cold in the fermenter.

Christmas Beer

ABV 5.1% – IBU 25
This Christmas Season Ale is produced with four different grains – barley, wheat, rye and spelt – making it very crisp and refreshing whilst maintaining balance and a clean finish.

Nitro Irish Red

ABV 5.2% – IBU 30
This Nitro Irish Red Ale is an easy-drinking beer, with the Nitrogen making it very creamy and smooth. It is slightly malty and toasty with a touch of grainy-biscuit. True to type is has a dry finish.

Nitro Strawberry Stout

ABV 5.2% – IBU 13
This Oatmeal Stout is infused with pure Nitrogen, starting its taste very creamy and smooth. Freshly picked strawberries from Berry World in Timboon added into the fermenter produces a nice subtle strawberry profile at the end.

Chocolate Porter

ABV 5.4% – IBU 20
This original English Porter has a smooth chocolate profile created with its fine, selected malt and the special addition of chocolate beans from GORGE Chocolate at the 12 Apostles that are added cold in the tanks.


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